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Blockchain based on the IoT & blockchain-based intelligent hardware solution platform

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COT(Chains Of Things) is a IOT public chain project.The COT's public blockchain based on IoT is jointly developed by the ONTology and the COT team.

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Based on Things multi-chain solution platform

COT (Chains Of Things) is a general-purpose intelligent hardware infrastructure platform based on multi-chain blockchain technology. It is able to provide a variety of links with the bottom of the IoT intelligent hardware system customization and support services, and offers support for entity-based businesses by providing trust interaction, trust trading and trust transfer capabilities.


COT is a multi-dimensional trust identification and intelligent development solution, which enables professional, deep Internet of Things based customization. COT proposes a customizable basic solution through our object-based COT+IOT multi-chain system. Within the COT ecology, users are able to design their own blockchain value applications with a lower difficulty threshold.

Application Scenarios

In combination, COT’s cooperative public blockchain system and IoT intelligent hardware solution are specially designed to tackle issues which are currently faced within trust networks, providing extended value service and efficient trust support.

Solution & Our Advantages

The COT public chain is a solution system that integrates hardware and software and IoT technologies. According to the needs of different scenarios, it can be expanded into multiple public chains, and even support private chain and consortium chain to form a soft and hard system supporting multi blockchain.

COT provides customized services for intelligent hardware and IoT combined with distributed trust technology solutions, and is committed to building an open, win-win ecosystem with partners.

Our Advantages


Most of the founding team members of COT have extensive theoretical and practical experience in many industries. At present, the team has more than ten core technical members, who have accumulated in the IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Hardware and other fields, and many industry experts will serve as professional consultants in the technology and application fields of cot to support the development of COT projects.

Wang Wen
Wang Wen — engineering background — CEO of COT, previously a communication technology expert for ZTE and a serial IoT entrepreneur. Wang Wen has worked on projects such as AAB Industrial Spraying Robot, Noah's Ark Group Smart Interactive, Expo China Communications Museum, State Grid Internet of Things and Intelligent System Projects.
Chi Jinyan
Chi Jinyan —Director of COT IOT system architecture, with over 15 years of enterprise-level application technology architecture and product implementation experience. He has worked on product research and development for large-scale enterprise applications and big data systems. He led the China Mobile real-time billing accounting system. He has rich R&D experience in enterprise application development, distributed data management, and streaming computing.
Xu Zhaohong
Xu Zhaohong—COT artificial intelligence expert, AI business technology director, PhD in Shanghai Jiaotong University. He has key technologies and more than a dozen related patents based on machine learning algorithms, motion intent control, haptic feedback control, master-slave control, human-computer interaction, CANopen-based multi-axis motion controller, multi-joint coordinated control, and autonomous navigation in the research direction of intelligent machine systems. He has presided over the Shanghai University Outstanding Young Teachers Fund Project, the National Ph.D. Startup Fund Project, participated in 5 National Natural Science Funds, and was responsible for the core technology tackling.
Yang Yang
Yang Yang —Director of COT Hardware System Architecture, COT mobile communication system architecture, Master of Communication Engineering, Lanzhou University, 20 years of experience in the communications industry. He was once the director of communication system architecture of world-renowned communications companies, and has vast experience in project design and implementation of Internet of Things projects. He led the team to complete the planning and design of various communication networks in different countries.
Yuan Ning
Yuan Ning — School of Finance — Hunan University (formerly the Department of Finance, Hunan University of Finance and Economics) COT’s project marketing director. Gained work experience as — East China Regional Sales Manager for East Pacific Peace Encryption Chip. Is mainly responsible for the promotion of smart card chip business in the financial industry such as Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank. He has served as Dixon Telecom's operator and as the senior manager of their new business department. He has experience in consumer electronic equipment markets, channels, media and other composite operating experience.
Zhang Rongjian
Zhang Rongjian — Ph.D. in Ordnance Science and Technology — Beijing Institute of Technology. Zhang Rongjian is an expert in machine data mining.
Li Jian
Li Jian —COT expert in applied materials, Ph.D. in mechanical design and theory from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Li Jian is a famous person in the academic field of mechanical and electrical automation and science and materials science. He is a Chen Guang Scholar and a member of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, and a reviewer of internationally renowned journals such as Carbon (Impact Factor: 6.16), the Journal of Applied Polymer Science, and surface and interface analysis.

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